We believe that technology is
an effective & powerful tool, for solving problems

We develop technologies that link your data to the way you do business.

We differentiate ourselves from the rest by adding a more personal feel to our projects. We strive to build great relationships with our clients, which enables a work environment that is always professional, fun and evolving. We make getting to know you, your business and your vision for your business a priority, so we can effectively provide technological solutions to your everyday problems.

At Interlinked Technologies our staff are well versed in many areas. We combine our technological knowledge with our creative thinking to create the best possible solution for your problem. Whether its the next great program/app idea, help with your ecommerce website or upgrades to your existing systems, Interlinked Technologies will be with you every step of the way.

So you have chosen to check out Interlinked Technologies. Now what?



Think about what you need technology to do for you.


Sit down and chat with us about how things could be better.


Together, we'll figure out a plan that makes sense for your business.


Then we deliver technology that makes things easy for you.

We create integrated technology ecosystems

Organizations often struggle to cobble together technologies to provide basic business functions. If your organization needs customized, integrated solutions, that's where we can help.

iOS/Android Development

Do you have the next great app idea? We can help!

Technology Strategy

We like to ask the question, “What’s your problem?” Then work with you to design and implement the technology to make your day to day better.

Web Applications

Having trouble finding a single web application that you can use for your entire business? Let’s chat!

Mobile Optimization

In our day and age, having your website or web application optimized for a mobile device is a must.

Ongoing Relationships

Business and technology are ever changing and we want to work with your business to keep you ahead of the curve.

3rd Party Integrations

Do you have systems that would work better if they could talk to each other? We’re not reinventing the wheel…maybe just part of it!

We are helping people use technology to get things done

People say:


Technical knowledge and business experience, with a personal approach

Josh Loewen

Business Strategy

We help you focus on the strategic direction for your company.

Josh Loewen
Jeff Pauls

Simple Mission

We listen to your everyday problems and find solutions using technology.

Jeff Pauls
Tom Fast

Clarity & Momentum

We turn complex requirements and goals into easy-to-use interfaces.

Tom Fast
Development Lead
Anthony Penner


All technology, all the time!

Anthony Penner
Sock Monkey

The Personal Element

We don't take ourselves too seriously and keep things fun.

Sock Monkey
Defender of the Gong
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